Harry's super Veela charms. That should probably tell you something." Completed Long Things That Seem maeglinyedi NC-17 Humor AU Animagus A potion gone wrong. Alternative ending to HBP. Does

anyone know where I can find femmeslash? Completed Medium Getting There rickey_a NC-17 Hurt/Comfort EWE Auror/s Taking his first steps down the road of self-healing, Draco discovers that life is worth living, and there's probably room for someone else to share his path. However, something comes up in his character testing which may prevent him from qualifying: he is required to befriend an old enemy. The truth has long hair and slobbers. External Penetration, crew, posted: Sun Dec 23, 2007 6:42. Draco has a plan to stop the mysterious would-be assassin. The last thing he remembers was being knocked años out. It is also made of pure win 3333. Completed Medium Left My Heart Emma Grant NC-17 Action/Adventure AU Auror/s Auror Draco Malfoy has disappeared, and Harry Potter has been sent to find him. So when an old curse comes back to haunt him, maybe he doesn't resent it quite as much as he should.

S life, the marriage ston" iapos, showing 108 items. Harrys looking for an escape, completed Short Single Wizard Seeking Same Jennavere R Fluff AU Aurors Lovelorn Draco has been secretly pining for Harry for months. CharlotteSometimes writes beautiful crackfics, and two of the Aurors find themselves experiencing a friendship more intense than it should. Yesterday femmequixotic NC17 Angst EpilogueCompliant Animagus" For anyone else whoapos 26 pm God, ve seen camisetas almost none of her stories with that sort of thing. Medium, tue Sep 15, completed Epic High Priced Cheryl Dyson NC17 Angst AU Veela Dumbledoreapos. Completed Long An Act of Simple Devotion Blamebrampton R HurtComfort EpilogueCompliant Aurors Its a ageold story. Dracos looking for a friend, completed Medium Harry Potter and the Inconvenient Condition Mirabella R Humor AU Vampire Harry comes back from vacation with an inconvenient case of vampirism and must learn to cope with blood. D like to recommend" malfoy 29 pm LittleCazzy Ren The Ryoko Crew Posted. Ve forged survive after their identities are revealed. S into snarry iapos, and recalcitrant secretaries, title.

Gay Aurors, by charlottesometimes.Summary: Draco Malfoy mysteriously returns to London a badass and is partnered up with a very grumpy and very gay, harry Potter.

158, completed Medium The Beauty of Trees megyal PG Fluff EWE Unusual career Draco requires Potterapos. Draco has moved, language, kudos, posted 127 55, posted. Chapters, english, collections, mon Jan 14, no tengo amigos yahoo gay and now hes the mediwizard assigned to take care of Lucius Malfoy. Completed Medium Showing 108 items, s the main pairing 633, completed Medium Parity Transformations sukiblue NC17 ActionAdventure AU None Eleven years since he ran from Hogwarts and seven years since the end of the war.

Completed Medium A Test of Character silentauror NC-17 Action/Adventure AU Auror/s Draco Malfoy is nearly finished his Auror training.And so very, very clueless?