them showing various signs of torture and rape. Information showed that the packet belonged to an individual by the name of Enrique Angles, a man living in Valencia, and

that he had been treated for some type of venereal disease in 1992. Despite this fact, that his face had been plastered over Spanish media for the past two decades, Miguel has himself stayed off the grid in the years since. That was gay in March of 1992, and a warrant for his arrest was not signed until September - over six months later. As I said earlier, she was sick with a kind of bug, so she wasn't able to really hit the town with them. Nancy Coniglio, jo Ann Daniels Hal Mary Daub Roger Jody duRand First National Bank Shela Steve Fisk Marsha Frank Rick Mary Fulton Hon. At which point, it was back to business as usual. According to this testimony, seven people sped off in a white sedan, whose make and model Maria Dolores Badal couldn't recognize. This is not because he was paroled, but rather, he was willingly released by the prison staff on a six-day permit. The Civil Guard had toyed with the idea of the Angles' brother's Catarroja hideout being the murder location, but at this point, a survey of the place provided no evidence of any crimes taking place there. In 2000, two years after the book had been pulled from shelves, Juan Ignacio Blanco was sentenced to pay a fine of nearly a million Spanish dollars because of allegations he had made against the chief prosecutor, Enrique Beltran. Enrique Beltran brought in Miguel's various confessions, mcflurry and used them to illuminate just how untrustworthy Miguel was. The bar owner's wife, who was also working at El Parador on that fateful Friday the 13th, claimed that a man was with Miguel that night. In March of 1996, police were tipped off that a man with similar tattoos as Antonio was spotted in Uruguay. A year later, in November of 1994, Miguel had repeated this petition, on the grounds that his lawyer didn't have enough experience to mount a legal defense on behalf of Miguel. More was to come in 2013, including the release of Miguel Ricart. But that's a story I'll get to later in the episode, as that book would go on to become a dramatic story of its own. It was right around midnight that police finally got around to questioning Miguel, after speaking to some of the Angles family members first. The only word we ever have that Antonio bleached his hair is from an eyewitness or two that claimed he dyed his hair, and this photo, which is itself controversial. Found at this location were also belongings of Antonio: clothing, money, equipment, etc. The day was January 27th, 1993. I mean, if there was any evidence found of the two men at the crime scene, then it should have made their case a slam dunk. Remember, there were eight of them, and Miguel lived with and was friends with a majority of them. There was still no physical evidence putting Miguel Ricart at the crime scene, and the very inclusion of Antonio Angles into their narrative was disputed. In fact, the mental evaluation, performed. But unfortunately for Miguel, his new defense might not have been as well-prepared as a longer-tenured attorney would have been for a trial of this scope. It's one giant conflict of interest, at the very least. He actually did, and continued researching the case on his own dime, alongside Juan Ignacio Blanco. At this point, he was one of the most wanted men in all of Spain, so it made sense that he wouldn't be able to get away flawlessly. Miriam's father, Antonio Garcia, would become the most public face of the investigation.

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