that those are result of sexual attractions and tend to develop later, unlike instinctive emotions which are part of us since birth. To help broaden your mind, try

going to an advocacy meeting, rally, seminar, or lecture specifically aimed at gay/lesbian rights. College campuses generally have a more diverse community and often host meetings/lectures/seminars. Explain why what a person said was hateful and perhaps she will understand the error of her ways. However, let's make a few things clear: 1) It's a disorder whether it's treatable or not. In case people say being born with a skin colour also isn't a choice just like being gay. Once you have been introspective on what sort of feelings you have and why, list out specific bad behaviors that you would like to change.

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Being gay is only part of who you are, and there is nothing wrong with.Always bear in mind being homosexual is not your fault!Sexual orientation is fixed at birth, and it will be impossible to stop romantic feelings to your own gender (if you try, it will most likely lead to depression and other mental.

I would, there are kids hating themselves and how to stop being gay hurting themselves and killing themselves because if things like this. Visible, you are not under mind control. Are you attracted to someone of your same sex.